The Cafe- Part 1

  “It’s only the first day at the job..Just the first day. I’m sure things will be all right… Right?” The anxious girl said to herself as she was walking the sidewalks of Northern Japan.

     Sofie Is an average height 20-year-old female, with pale skin, brown eyes, brown hair, perfect white teeth and a beautiful smile that could light anyone’s day up. She liked to wear cute clothes like uniforms, skirts, pastel sweaters, black high-heeled boots and all the usual in the “Cutesy” category. And like cute clothes, she is really into cute things. Sometimes it might even get her distracted… Speaking of distracted.. 

     ‘Oh god! I’m going to be late for my first day on the job! And all because of that adorable cat!’ Sofie was mentally screaming to herself as she was running towards her new job. She didn’t have a car or anything yet, because of her personal issues, so she had to walk the streets. The only safe way there was, was the long way..The short way has a bunch of gang activities and all the bad things you could imagine, and she didn’t want to be anywhere near that. she lived in a rather medium sized apartment with her best friend Haru, So she lived a little away from where her job is.

     She then made it to her job on time! She worked at a popular cafe in Japan named Chisako Cafe, it gave her a decent amount of money, and caught her interest. As soon as she entered inside her new work, her manager was waiting for her at the front of the counter.

     “Glad you could make it on time! ” The manager named Emily greeted Sofie.

     “For a month I’ll be the one training you got it?” Emily said, already becoming serious in a matter of seconds.

     “Got it!” Sofie said, full of enthusiasm. And with that, Emily gave Sofie her uniform, and off to training they went!

A True Story

 (This story is a true story, Warning, there is gore. Please don’t laugh of what you are about to read. Again, this is a true story, and it’s not funny at all)        

Another day on the job. The man was working on something dangerous and heavy, to where he was being cautious of what he was doing. He worked at a little small airport for a very long time. And new how to do everything at his job and did it correctly. It was very early in the morning; he was at his job when the incident happened. He was working on the heavy object until it crashed down onto his right hand’s ring finger. From how the man described it, it was very painful. But nothing painful to make him cry.. His whole top part of his finger bone tore off from the full hand bone, his nail was partially ripped off, and the bleeding- let’s just say there was a lot of blood from that tiny yet big accident. He was only at work for a few hours until it happened; he was then brought to the hospital to get checked on. And from there, he went home early, to his two children, curious of what happened. When he told his children what happened, both were cringing in disgust. But we’re both showing sympathy for their, father.

The two children took it upon themselves to take care of him and everyone inside the house, the older of them both, cleaned and cooked, trying to be positive and getting rid of her pessimistic and lowly attitude. As for the younger, he helped clean a lot more, and continued with his positive attitude. The more they worked together, the more they accomplished, but they still caused grief for each other and their father for all the arguments they caused.      

The man had to wear a finger cast for up to 4-6 weeks, and he had to go to doctor appointments for surgery on his finger every other week. It was too much money to pay just for a bunch of surgeries, but it was an accident at work, so he didn’t really have to pay. Although, he must’ve felt some sympathy for his job since they had to pay for all his surgery and appointments. As far as the two kids remember, this was the first gruesome accident they saw their father in…

Idea’s Come From A Dream- Part 2

 “Jake… Could you please stand up and introduce yourself to the class young man?” The teacher said and asked the boy.

“Sure..” Jake responded, getting up and standing at his desk, ready to introduce himself to everybody.      His introduction wasn’t long, but also wasn’t short, he told them His full name, how old he is, what he wanted to do when he was out of school (Even though he already is) his age, his hobbies, his family and how he was pleasured to meet them all. He then sat back down in his seat and hid himself from all the stares he was getting.

“Thank you Jake, Now class..-” The teacher then started speaking again, he started teaching the class, as all teachers should do, and started calling on people for answers. Josh really didn’t want to be there because he already went to school, he didn’t want to be in a school again from inside his dream, it would just be boring. But, if he had this dream, there would need to be an adventure to it- so why not Josh then thought to himself? While he was in his own world, the teacher called for him, nothing bad happened, they were just talking about his level of learning. Probably because he was a complete stranger to the school and himself. He doesn’t even know his own information that was registered to the school!

As soon as they were finished talking, the bell rang for the next class. Jake then rushed to gather all his belongings and head towards his next class.. It took him some time since it was on the other side of the school, but he made it. He felt weird about the school since he knows where each class is, but he didn’t remember writing something down like this in his story. he then stopped in front of the classroom and saw someone… There she was, the same girl from this morning and his last class.. 

As the rest of the day went by, it was the same thing repeatedly, Introduction, sitting in a class for an hour, and going to the next class. At lunch he just sat there with an apple in hand and eating that. It was the same thing until the end of the day, he walked out of the school to the front and was complaining to himself that he doesn’t have a home.. So all he did was walk aimlessly, aimlessly around the school, into a neighborhood, and out. That was until a car pulled up to him..He glanced at the window and saw someone he met earlier in his 2nd class. His name was Ash.

“Need a ride?..” The said person asked…

To Be Continued

Idea’s Come From A Dream- Part 1

  It was another day back at the office.. The new writer- James- was in his office trying to come up with a story to ‘wow’ his readers with. But he couldn’t seem to find a good topic to write about. It seemed like it took awhile for him to think about what he will write. So he went to go take a walk out around the town shops to clear his head.

 While he was out in town, he saw many interesting things that he could write about. He then thought about those interesting things into weird fantasy things. He then started running back to his office, bumping through people here and there- still apologizing, being the kind of boy he is. As he walked into the building, he was greeted by many of the workers there, to where he also greeted them back.         

As soon as he got into his office, he closed the door and sat down in his chair. Getting both a paper and pencil out and started writing all the things he could think of and turning it into a story. He thought it wouldn’t be that great of a short story, but he wanted to try it. The book was about a girl meeting her soulmate through an invisible red string, and how she almost died multiple times from weird recurring events. Although it wasn’t much of a good detailed story, he was proud he found something to write.

But, as he was nearing to the end of his short story, he suddenly got a little tired. He was struggling to stay up and finish the story.. But was even too tired to think of what else to put together anymore. His mind was all over the place.. telling himself, “No you need to stay up and finish or else you’ll suddenly forget!” at the same time he said “I need sleep and it’s only good, besides… I can’t think straight when I’m tired..” It went on like this for about a few minutes, but he suddenly fell asleep to get some rest…

  As he was sleeping, he had a weird dream that he didn’t seem to recognise familiar at first. It was a girl with black hair, her eyes were the color of emerald green, her skin, as pale as the moon, and very petite. He didn’t know what’s going on, but he felt like he knew her…As he looked around, he looked to see an entryway to a school. As he looked down at himself, he saw himself wearing a high school boys uniform. He had know clue what was going on until..

“Lily! Have you heard the rumor of the invisible red string?!” A girl was moving her hands around in excitement at the said person.

“Yeah…It sounds like a bunch of bull to me really.” The girl named Lily replied back to the energetic girl.

“Aww- come on Lily! You never believed in these types of things, your always so stoic looking and like ‘Bleh’-” She suddenly said as her friend glared at her with a violent aura surrounded her.

“Could you not right now..were at school…And people are looking at us weirdly Hailey..” The girl named Lily mumbled.

Then the girl that was named Hailey sighed and replied with, “Fine..Only because were at school, but were gonna talk about this as we walk home!”

‘Hey…That reminds me of the story I made’ He thought to himself and looked up to grab his pencil but nothing was there. ‘Creepy..Am I living..Living My Book?!’ He also thought as he went to through the school gates.

As he was walking through the halls, he noticed that he was carrying a paper..’Class Schedule?’ he looked at it and the first thing he saw on the schedule was math. ‘Even though it’s a dream..Why do I have math class first?’ He mentally whined to himself. As he got to the class, he saw the same black haired girl who walked past him to inside.

He sat down at an empty seat, and waited for class to begin… After 5 minutes or so, a teacher came walking in saying “Shhh” to the people who were still talking as his presence was slowly becoming known.

“We have a new student, He goes by the name of…”-

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be-Chapter 11

 As Sophie fell asleep, she could hear soft whispers from reality. It sounded familiar, but she was too tired to think of who’s voice it might be. Even though she was tired to do anything, she feared what it was saying to her. It kept saying things like- “I will get you one day~” “Your soul will be mine soon, ~” “Sophie.. I’m coming for you…” 

 It was until then that this mysterious voice choked her. She got scared and couldn’t move ‘Sleep paralysis!?’ she thought. She started breathing harder, only able to twitch her legs, she tried her best to kick and scream but it didn’t work, she then felt light slaps on her face and cries telling her to wake up. She couldn’t wake up, she couldn’t move, she just lay their struggling, and had to await her death. That was until she felt a shot of pain in her chest- she jolted up, wide awake and gasping for air.
     “Good your awake!” She heard someone beside her sighing in relief. She then looked to the side and saw Amber.

 “Wh-what do you mean?” Sophie said, still frightened of what happened.

“You were twitching and breathing hard in your sleep, enough to wake me up. Your mom’s still asleep- she headed into her room earlier. And I didn’t want to wake her up, so I had to handle things myself… And when you couldn’t wake up, I elbowed you in the stomach.” She said rushing her words and had an apologetic face on.

“Oh, it’s fine, I mean.. You woke me up, and that was a succession, right?” Sophie looked at the girl with a worried smile.

“I-I mean, I guess..” I’m still sorry because I elbowed you, it must’ve hurt..” She said, still with a worried expression

“Don’t worry, it was needed to save me, and you did. So get over it and be happy that ‘I’m awake and not suffering.” Sophie said with a smile.

With that, both girls stayed up all night, until they fell back asleep. It was good nothing else bad happened to Sophie that night, but she was scared for the next night to arrive.    

 It turned morning, and both girls smelled food from the kitchen. They were wide awake and went get themselves ready for the day. As soon as they came got finish, they came down and sat on the stools, waiting for their breakfast to be served. As they were waiting to be served they were talking about random things, and mostly school. Sometimes Sophie’s mother would join in on the conversation, but then go back to cooking. As soon as Sophie’s mom got done making breakfast, she handed out plates and served them. They were all eating their food until Sophie saw something at the corner of her eye. She looked, no one was there, but when she looked back…

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be- Chapter 10

  It was then morning, and they soon went to see a doctor who then suggested seeing a therapist. She didn’t like that cause she feels that her daughter would feel differently but it’s for Sophie’s safety. They spoke to the therapist about last night’s events, and he got worried about the situation he was being told. It was a little after the therapy session where the therapist told Sophie’s mother to go to the church and go to the preacher for help. After running around at morning, they went to the store for things to get for home, while trying to forget about the stress that was put onto them because of this situation.

“Hey, everything will be fine. Don’t worry happens to you, I’m here to help and protect you.” Her mother said worried but showing a smile through her worried expression.       “Thank you mom..” Sophie replied to her mom’s statement, glad she  has someone by her side to help her out. And as soon as she thought about the situation, she thought about Amber. But she also thought about not telling her for her own safety. After shopping and checking out, they went back home and took a rest from half of the long day they just had. Amber came over as soon as they got home since Sophie kept on texting her during the car ride, but nothing else really happened that hour instead of unpacking the plenty of groceries they had for the house. Sophie and Amber then went up to Sophie’s room to hang out a bit, while Sophie’s mom would make a little more food since there was only a little of left overs from the night before.

 “So what have you been up to Sophie?” Amber asked being that is how she starts off conversations.

 “Nothing much..Just running some errands with mom today,” She was hesitant of what to say.

 “Oh, was it boring? Or not?” Amber asked, continuing the conversation.

“No, not at all.” Sophie replied.

“I’m glad you are getting along with your mom!” Amber said with a Joyful tone which Sophie only hummed too.

It was time for dinner since Sophie’s mom called the two down saying it was time for dinner. Amber was amazed at her cooking skills and kept on praising and thanking her. Sophie was just laughing at Amber’s surprised expression and how she acted. 

It was a while before they finished eating, this time, they finished all the food since Amber was there to help them. They all cleaned up the mess and sat on the couch watching an action movie. While watching the movie, everybody was falling asleep, except for Sophie, who was too scared to go to sleep again. She then grabbed her phone and texted Amber’s mom that Amber fell asleep and says she will have to stay the night. After that she was on her phone until she didn’t notice she fell asleep. Then…

-To Be Continued

This Can’t Be!- Chapter 9

The two females were both peaceful in their sleep. Sophie then had that same dream again. But this time in her own home. No details were missing from her home. It was a replica of the house. It was creepy she had the same dream, but at her own house. She went to her mother’s room to see if she was still there, and so she knows she’s not alone. When she checked, she sighed in relief that her mother was still asleep. 

It was still a while and Sophie was still sleeping; she felt like someone was watching her and kept on thinking something was off with the house. Then she saw it. A medium-sized mirror in her living room. Knowing she doesn’t have one outside of her dream. Sophie then walked towards the mirror to inspect it. It was hanging on the wall, shining in the path of the moonlit sky. She stood in front of it for a few minutes. Until she saw it…It was a man standing behind her, holding some sort of weapon. He had a huge grin on his face and eyes that were as black as the night sky. The man raised his weapon and almost hit Sophie with it. Before Sophie got hit, she realized the situation and dogged the hit by diving to the left side of the room. She looked back up at the man who slowly turned his head towards her creepily. This time, he didn’t have a smile on his face. He had a face of pure anger and hatred, then started running after her.

 “AAAAAAA!! SOMEONE HELP!” She kept on screaming and got up and ran the other direction. The man was following her, but walking, he was still fast to catch up to her. While she was stuck in her nightmare, she woke up her mom from the screaming. Her mom came running in and at her side, shaking her and calling her name to wake up.

“SOPHIE! WAKE UP! IT’S A NIGHTMARE, WAKE UP NOW” Her mom screamed and pleaded for her to wake up.

After about 10 minutes, Sophie shot up, tears running down her face and a frightful expression wrote all over it. She held onto her mom while looking around the room to see if he was gone, and lucky for her she couldn’t see him anywhere… as far as she knows.

“What happened, Sophie?” Her mother asked worried while looking and observing Sophie if she was hurt anywhere from what just happened.
      “A-A ma-man, he tri-tried to Kil-Kill M-e!” Sophie stuttered because of her crying.

     “Hey, it’s ok! We will see what’s wrong tomorrow, Ok? You could sleep in my room tonight” Her mother hugged her, calming her down. After a little, they both walked towards her mom’s room and they slept for the rest of the night. 

Mystery Man’s POV:
     “You don’t understand yet, Sophie…” He sighed while staring through the window of Sophie’s mother’s bedroom.

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be-Chapter 8

As soon as they broke apart from the hug, her bother wiped her own tears away and said something.

 “Starting now, I’ll show you I could be a better mom!” And with that, she then smiled.
     Sophie then nodded and went to the kitchen to make food, her mom right behind her trying to open her mouth and say something until Sophie got all the ingredients out to make dinner.

 “L-let me make dinner!” Her mother pleaded her with hope still in her eyes.
     “Um, ok.. Can I  help?” Sophie asked.

“No, you just relax and do what you want. I’ll call you down if there is anything to help with.”

 “Oh, ok then..” And with that, Sophie walked into her room getting ready to call Amber and tell her she is ok.

 ‘Ring, Ring’ It kept going on for at least a minute until Amber picked up the phone-      “Hey, what’s up?” Amber said through the phone.

 “Oh, nothing.. My mom and I had a talk about, you know already. But she has a month to make up for her actions.” Sophie said with a little joy in her tone.
     “I’m assuming that it went well:)” Amber giggled from the other end.

 “Yeah, I’m glad I could finally see my mom being- a mom” Sophie said without thought cause she was too happy.

 With that, they talked for hours until it was time to eat dinner, Sophie couldn’t wait to try her mom’s cooking for the first time, so this was kind of making her happy and excited. She walked downstairs slowly and could smell the scent of food getting stronger. She was surprised that her mom cooked a lot once she saw what was on the table. Sophie then sat down on the opposite side of the table and waited for her mom to come and put the last plate on the table and sit down with her.

 “This smells good, thank you mom” Sophie said trying hard to show her smile and happiness.

 “Thank you, and your welcome!” Her mom smiled and was thrilled that she could see her daughter smile.

 After a while of eating, they were both stuffed and sitting there tired, Sophie felt like she would go into a food coma. Her mom was stuffed and tired. After a few minutes, they both got up from their chairs and started cleaning up the mess and putting left over food away- that will probably last them a week.- There was a lot to clean up that night, and it was getting late, but, being the clean people they are- they shrugged off their sleepiness and finished all the dirty work. 

   It was a long time after they finished, and they were both ready to go to sleep, so they both said their goodnights and went straight to their rooms for a good nights rest.

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be- Chapter 7

Sophie and her mom just got out of the house, saying their last bye’s to Amber and her mom, they started walking home since they lived 3 houses down from Amber’s house. It was an awkward walk home, but Sophie was silently happy that no conversation was started. Well… That was until her mother talked, trying to lift the awkward mood.

“Sophie… could you forgive me? I know ignoring you and not paying attention to you… really hurt you-and I will try my hardest to own up to that- but I would like to start over with you. So can you forgive me?”

 “No” Sophie said bluntly.

 “I knew you would say that.. just let me try to prove it to you. Will you let me?” Her mother said with a tone of hope in her voice.

“Why should I? You have been ignoring me up till now.. Why should I let you prove to me you changed. Give me a good enough reason to make me believe you.” Sophie snapped at her mom, recalling memories of times Sophie did something that other parents would be proud of for their children but not get any attention from her mother.

 “W-Well.. Um…” Sophie’s mom got lost in words, trying to think of something. But then Sophie cut her mumbling off and said something that no other child or teen had the guts to say to their own parents.

 “Right, you don’t know what to say. Maybe if you had hung out with me more and payed attention to me, you wouldn’t be lost in words.” Sophie said, with a hint of anger and disappointment in her voice.

“Wait!… I’m sorry.. really.. I didn’t mean to ignore you.. really..”Her mom said with a frightening look of terror on her face, as if she saw someone who got shot in front of her own eyes.

“Then why did you ignore me! You know that isn’t going to cut it!” Sophie started shouting. She then realized that they were still outside and people were still up and about. So she sped walked home with her mother tailing behind her. They both took off their shoes and headed towards the couch so they could talk.

 “Look, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet.. I thought running away from you would do something… but it did nothing except bring our relationship to a negative.” Her mother said, trying to block out her tears.

“…” Sophie was at a loss of words. And didn’t understand what she meant by “I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet.”

“Please, I just want another chance to fix this… I beg of you..” Her mother started.

 “You have a month.” Sophie said, her eyes forming tear drops.

“H-Huh?” Her mother said, the only thing that she could make out.

“You have a month to show me.. To show me you could be a better mother. But this doesn’t mean you have gained my trust yet.. You have a long way to go for my trust..” Sophie said, without a crackling voice while she was crying.

“Th-Thank you!” Her mother said. And before Sophie knew it, she felt a pair of arms wrapping around her torso, knowing that it was her mom. She didn’t like it, but she let her conscience and mother have this moment.

This Can’t Be-Chapter 6

It was morning time, and both girls woke up to the smell of pancakes.They both got up and rushed to get ready for the morning, both the girls loved their pancakes that when there was an uneven number of pancakes, they would have an argument of who gets the last piece. It was until then that once they arrived downstairs into the kitchen, they both saw two plates with an even the amount of pancakes. They both sighed in relief they didn’t have to fight anymore, so they both smiled and sat at the counters and ate happily.

 It was now afternoon and both of them were in the backyard in the pool enjoying their time in the water. It was until Amber said something that made Sophie go magenta in her face.        

 “So… Do you have the hot’s for Julien? ~” She said with a weird voice and wiggled her eyebrows.

 “What No!” I answered to quickly. ‘Great, Good job Sophie’ I sarcastically said to myself.

“SO YOU DO! HAH I KNEW IT!” She shouted out, making Sophie rub her ears in pain.

 “I never said I did” I said calmly to the now smirking Amber.  

   “Well, for one…You spoke too soon, 2. You didn’t deny it. So now I know you like him, and it’s my duty to make you guys a couple” She said with a bright and proud smile on her face.

 “Yay…” I sarcastically said. 

“Well, c’mon, let’s just continue with what were doing.” Amber finally said, and I hummed in response to her answer.

They were in the pool for hours, just messing around, playing volleyball, having swim races, and just talking about random things. When they both got out, it was already 7 p.m. and they were hungry. So once they dried off and got inside, they went straight for the kitchen for the chicken nuggets. While they were heating it up, they heard Amber’s mother laugh from their living room. They went to check and found her talking to Sophie’s mom. Sophie stood there in shock but had a pain expression on her face since it was… her mom.

 “Hi mom.. why are you here so early?” I responded making everyone shocked from the tension I built up.

 “I called out of work and came back to see you… So, with that said, can you please pack up and I will explain all the details later when we get back home.” Her mother said while trying to at least smile genuinely.

 “Yes mom.” And with that I walked away with Amber following me to help me get packed.