A little about ME!

Hi! My name is Pi’ilani Smith, and this is my first blog. Anyways, let’s get to the blog!

I love dogs! They r so cute, funny, and cool! I have 1 dog and she’s the best dog you can ever have in your life. Although she kisses us a lot, either way she is the best companion to ever have.

Another fact about me is… I LOVE GAMING! I am sometimes really serious about my gaming career. When I get a little bit older I want to be a famous gaming YouTuber! I’ve been planning to becoming a gaming YouTuber ever since I was in 5th grade. But I have to focus on my grades right now before I move on to anything else.

Next one is that I play guitar! Guitar is an interesting instrument I started playing and learning guitar in my 6th grade year, and I’m pretty good at it. Playing guitar takes a lot of practice for me. Why? Well because I play in concerts and there is a lot of music we have to go through! Yeah, it may seem easy but it’s actually not.

One thing I’m focusing on is trying to get into college. Yeah yeah I know there is a long way to go but I’m trying to plan on my future life. I mean come on! A DOZEN people want to make it into college and I know how that would feel like, even though I’m not there yet. But I’m trying to focus on my grades and watch out right now for everything I do! And, I’m planning to try and try again even if I don’t make it.

The last fact about me that I want to talk about to you is my family. I come from a work hard, humble, kind, and generous family. I LOVE them so much! I can’t EVER lose them or let them go! After all the things they do for me I… Really appreciate it! One day I had homework, I had to wright a poem about something someone taught me. So I know all of you who want to hear my poem here it is.

Ladder Of Kindness

One day when I was little

My grandparents taught me about kindness.

They say that being kind can change the way people think.

Kindness can change the world!

When I think about kindness I think that it’s the ladder of kindness

You always climb up and keep climbing up

Don’t look back!

DON’T look down!

Just keep going and never stop.

This is the ladder of kindness…

My ladder of kindness.

Thank you for reading my poem. It may have not looked like one to you…but… To other people it will. While I was writing this poem I said to myself

“Huh, this makes me think about all the times my family did things for me.”

And I dedicate this poem to my family and friends. They were telling ones who shaped my life. Even if sometimes I let them down.

And these are some facts about me. Thank you.

I just want to say, thank you, thank you to everyone who read this I appreciate it.