Idea’s Come From A Dream- Part 2

 “Jake… Could you please stand up and introduce yourself to the class young man?” The teacher said and asked the boy.

“Sure..” Jake responded, getting up and standing at his desk, ready to introduce himself to everybody.      His introduction wasn’t long, but also wasn’t short, he told them His full name, how old he is, what he wanted to do when he was out of school (Even though he already is) his age, his hobbies, his family and how he was pleasured to meet them all. He then sat back down in his seat and hid himself from all the stares he was getting.

“Thank you Jake, Now class..-” The teacher then started speaking again, he started teaching the class, as all teachers should do, and started calling on people for answers. Josh really didn’t want to be there because he already went to school, he didn’t want to be in a school again from inside his dream, it would just be boring. But, if he had this dream, there would need to be an adventure to it- so why not Josh then thought to himself? While he was in his own world, the teacher called for him, nothing bad happened, they were just talking about his level of learning. Probably because he was a complete stranger to the school and himself. He doesn’t even know his own information that was registered to the school!

As soon as they were finished talking, the bell rang for the next class. Jake then rushed to gather all his belongings and head towards his next class.. It took him some time since it was on the other side of the school, but he made it. He felt weird about the school since he knows where each class is, but he didn’t remember writing something down like this in his story. he then stopped in front of the classroom and saw someone… There she was, the same girl from this morning and his last class.. 

As the rest of the day went by, it was the same thing repeatedly, Introduction, sitting in a class for an hour, and going to the next class. At lunch he just sat there with an apple in hand and eating that. It was the same thing until the end of the day, he walked out of the school to the front and was complaining to himself that he doesn’t have a home.. So all he did was walk aimlessly, aimlessly around the school, into a neighborhood, and out. That was until a car pulled up to him..He glanced at the window and saw someone he met earlier in his 2nd class. His name was Ash.

“Need a ride?..” The said person asked…

To Be Continued

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