This Can’t Be!- Chapter 9

The two females were both peaceful in their sleep. Sophie then had that same dream again. But this time in her own home. No details were missing from her home. It was a replica of the house. It was creepy she had the same dream, but at her own house. She went to her mother’s room to see if she was still there, and so she knows she’s not alone. When she checked, she sighed in relief that her mother was still asleep. 

It was still a while and Sophie was still sleeping; she felt like someone was watching her and kept on thinking something was off with the house. Then she saw it. A medium-sized mirror in her living room. Knowing she doesn’t have one outside of her dream. Sophie then walked towards the mirror to inspect it. It was hanging on the wall, shining in the path of the moonlit sky. She stood in front of it for a few minutes. Until she saw it…It was a man standing behind her, holding some sort of weapon. He had a huge grin on his face and eyes that were as black as the night sky. The man raised his weapon and almost hit Sophie with it. Before Sophie got hit, she realized the situation and dogged the hit by diving to the left side of the room. She looked back up at the man who slowly turned his head towards her creepily. This time, he didn’t have a smile on his face. He had a face of pure anger and hatred, then started running after her.

 “AAAAAAA!! SOMEONE HELP!” She kept on screaming and got up and ran the other direction. The man was following her, but walking, he was still fast to catch up to her. While she was stuck in her nightmare, she woke up her mom from the screaming. Her mom came running in and at her side, shaking her and calling her name to wake up.

“SOPHIE! WAKE UP! IT’S A NIGHTMARE, WAKE UP NOW” Her mom screamed and pleaded for her to wake up.

After about 10 minutes, Sophie shot up, tears running down her face and a frightful expression wrote all over it. She held onto her mom while looking around the room to see if he was gone, and lucky for her she couldn’t see him anywhere… as far as she knows.

“What happened, Sophie?” Her mother asked worried while looking and observing Sophie if she was hurt anywhere from what just happened.
      “A-A ma-man, he tri-tried to Kil-Kill M-e!” Sophie stuttered because of her crying.

     “Hey, it’s ok! We will see what’s wrong tomorrow, Ok? You could sleep in my room tonight” Her mother hugged her, calming her down. After a little, they both walked towards her mom’s room and they slept for the rest of the night. 

Mystery Man’s POV:
     “You don’t understand yet, Sophie…” He sighed while staring through the window of Sophie’s mother’s bedroom.

To Be Continued

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