This Can’t Be- Chapter 10

  It was then morning, and they soon went to see a doctor who then suggested seeing a therapist. She didn’t like that cause she feels that her daughter would feel differently but it’s for Sophie’s safety. They spoke to the therapist about last night’s events, and he got worried about the situation he was being told. It was a little after the therapy session where the therapist told Sophie’s mother to go to the church and go to the preacher for help. After running around at morning, they went to the store for things to get for home, while trying to forget about the stress that was put onto them because of this situation.

“Hey, everything will be fine. Don’t worry happens to you, I’m here to help and protect you.” Her mother said worried but showing a smile through her worried expression.       “Thank you mom..” Sophie replied to her mom’s statement, glad she  has someone by her side to help her out. And as soon as she thought about the situation, she thought about Amber. But she also thought about not telling her for her own safety. After shopping and checking out, they went back home and took a rest from half of the long day they just had. Amber came over as soon as they got home since Sophie kept on texting her during the car ride, but nothing else really happened that hour instead of unpacking the plenty of groceries they had for the house. Sophie and Amber then went up to Sophie’s room to hang out a bit, while Sophie’s mom would make a little more food since there was only a little of left overs from the night before.

 “So what have you been up to Sophie?” Amber asked being that is how she starts off conversations.

 “Nothing much..Just running some errands with mom today,” She was hesitant of what to say.

 “Oh, was it boring? Or not?” Amber asked, continuing the conversation.

“No, not at all.” Sophie replied.

“I’m glad you are getting along with your mom!” Amber said with a Joyful tone which Sophie only hummed too.

It was time for dinner since Sophie’s mom called the two down saying it was time for dinner. Amber was amazed at her cooking skills and kept on praising and thanking her. Sophie was just laughing at Amber’s surprised expression and how she acted. 

It was a while before they finished eating, this time, they finished all the food since Amber was there to help them. They all cleaned up the mess and sat on the couch watching an action movie. While watching the movie, everybody was falling asleep, except for Sophie, who was too scared to go to sleep again. She then grabbed her phone and texted Amber’s mom that Amber fell asleep and says she will have to stay the night. After that she was on her phone until she didn’t notice she fell asleep. Then…

-To Be Continued

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