This Can’t Be-Chapter 5

   After her 2 last days in the hospital were up, she was happy she could finally go home. She packed up all her stuff in a bag that Amber brought for her and speed walked out of the room towards the outside of the hospital. As soon as she got out of the hospital, she found Amber at the side of the door who greeted her and escorted both of them to Amber’s mother’s car. When she got into the car, Amber’s mother greeted her with a warm smile and asked her ton’s of questions like:     

“How Are You?” “Are You Ok?” “Were You scared,” and stuff like that.         

 Amber’s mother is like another mom to Sophie, well, more of a mom than her own could be. Sophie’s mother always went on business trips and never even bothered to talk about her to her clients. Worse, she could never get the attention from her mother like other kids get attention from their own parents. Her father… He died when she was very little. It was a car crash he got in on the way home from work. It was sad she couldn’t spend time like other girls would with their fathers, but that was how her life was planned.

 When they arrived in their neighborhood, Sophie decided that she wanted to stay at Amber’s place for the night, since she didn’t want to go home to see a disappointed mother. Her mother never showed sympathy when Sophie would get hurt, so Sophie was on her own for things. The only thing’s her mother would do for her was pay for her school stuff. That was it, but Sophie wanted nothing from her except her love and attention. Sophie was all by herself in this lonely world, but as far as the road went, she found a bunch of people who loved her and accepted her, and she was happy that she has people who cares for her and people to talk too. When they got settled into Amber’s house, they both went straight to the kitchen and grabbed themselves some chicken nuggets. 

 It was nighttime and they were getting ready to sleep. They had a long day with a bunch of fun activities they had planned, Sophie had fun back out into the real world and was greatful she was still alive. When they went to sleep, Sophie had a dream that she was floating and saw both her and Amber sleeping in Amber’s house, she went downstairs and saw Amber’s mom was still up wathing tv like before she fell asleep. ‘Weird, what kind of dream is this’ She asked herself, she didn’t know what was going on, but she was confused and scared…

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be Happening-Chapter 4

  It was black.. There wasn’t anybody around to talk to. For Sophie, well, she was trapped in her own mind full of darkness. In the real world, it’s sad to say for everyone, but she’s in a coma and no one knows for how long. She was at least in a coma and not dead. While in her coma she could hear what people are saying from outside the coma. Sometimes, the things people say of what might happen to her, scares her so much. Every day, she heard two familiar people in her hospital room, every morning and night. It was Amber and Julien they would both come, Sophie is family to them and they are worried sick for her! Julien would come with a bundle of flowers once a week, and Amber would bring ‘Get Better’ Balloons.
     (Time Skip)
     It has already been a month. She was still in a coma and was struggling of trying to open her eyes again. She didn’t want to be in a coma anymore, and she tried every day to wake herself up. Then… three days after the new month came by, she woke up! Confused of how she got into the hospital still. One nurse came in and looked at Sophie with a bright and huge smile, then said.
     “It’s a good thing you are finally up! I’ll go inform the doctor and call your friends and family that your awake! Welcome back Miss Sophie!” The nurse then walked off, seeming proud of how her patient was doing and that she finally woke up. A few minutes later, the doctor came in with papers and a pen, he then looked up at Sophie and asked:
     “How are you feeling Miss Sophie?” 
     “I’m doing fine, but… How did I end up in the hospital.” She asked, still in a Confused state. Right as she asked that question, the doctor’s smile faded and a new yet saddened expression popped up on his face.
     “Miss Sophie, you got into a crash on the way home from a friends house from what your friend told me. You wouldn’t remember because you passed out as soon as you got hit. What is good is that you only have a broken arm from the landing, other than that, you only have a few minor scratches and bruises.”
     Sophie looked relieved when she heard that, yet she was still scared from what she was just told. As soon as she stopped thinking, there was a knock at the door, the doctor opened it and they found a happily crying best friend, and a full on crying Julien who came running to you and hugging you lightly making sure not to hurt you. Amber did the same, except she walked over to her and said that she’s glad that she’s ok.       “Well, what a lovely sight! Moving on from the results though, Miss Sophie I need you to stay for at least 2 more days so we could run some tests on you,” The doctor spoke. And with that, Sophie nodded, and the doctor left the room to give the three teenagers some privacy and time together.

This Can’t Be Happening-Chapter 3

 When Sophie woke up from her nap, she realized she wasn’t at home. She thought about what happened last night and why she’s here until a certain someone shouted from the kitchen.   

      “Sophie, just in time! Come here to the table and eat!” That familiar voice said. And once she turned around, she saw Reko, Amber, Julien, Ash, and Angelina there. ‘The rest of them probably headed off home, huh..’ Sophie thought. 

   As she got up she still had the blanket wrapped around her making it difficult for her to walk, but she still made it to the table and sat right by Amber. As soon as she sat, she dropped her head onto Amber’s shoulder making everyone turn to face them in question.
     “Don’t worry, she’s always like this in the mornings guys!” Amber chuckled a little making everyone smile and turn back to the place Reko and Ash were standing to cook. It was hard for Sophie to stay up, since that they stayed until 2 in the morning, so she jumped up every time she realized she was falling asleep. Her jumps kept on worrying almost everyone around here, but they stayed silent until Julien set something on the table in front of Sophie and then said something.  

   “Here is some water, you need it and something to help you wake up a bit.” He told her with his usual bright smile. Sophie nodded at him, showing that she was thankful. So, she took the glass of water and sipped it. Little by little she woke up, and everyone was relieved she wasn’t jumping anymore, even though they didn’t seem like they were paying any attention to her while conversing with one another. As soon as they were all done eating, a few of them stayed and the rest said their farewells and left. Right when Amber and Sophie were about to leave, Reko stopped them and gave them a hug from out of no where.

 “Are you ok Reko?” Amber snickered while Sophie was clueless.

“Yeah? I’m fine. Why ask that????” Reko asked, wondering why Amber was snickering so much.     

 “Cause, you didn’t hug anybody else but us. And you hug no one.” Amber stated.
     “Have you heard of change? And besides, you too are like sisters, you guys came even though I know both of you canceled out on your studies.” She said with a smile.

 “I’m so touched! Haha.” Don’t worry, we won’t miss out on anything for you, just know that” Amber said. And with that, they walked away from the house back to home. It was silent when walking home, so as usual, Amber asked Sophie something.

 “So, you didn’t leave last night, did you enjoy it?” Amber started up a conversation with just a statement and a question.

 “Yeah, it was ok I guess..” Sophie replied. Amber didn’t know what to say so they left it at that. They were both about to cross the street, and they were happy that they were close to home. When Amber started to make jokes they were both laughing hard, to the point it was hard to breathe. Before they crossed the street, they looked both ways, Amber skipping in the front and Sophie walking in the back. Out of no where.. “CRASH!” Something was heard from behind Amber as soon as she got to the crosswalk, she didn’t see her best friend. So as soon as she turned around, her face went into a frighten looked and she suddenly screamed running to Sophie’s side with a few other people to check out the scene…

‘Why is it so wet…where am I?..Amber?..’ As soon as she thought of those last things she fell out of conscious and lied their trying to hold on to the world she lived in and not leave….

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be Happening-Chapter 2

 It was nighttime, and the girls were already on their way to Reko’s birthday party. It only took them a 20-minute walk for having no licence, but hey, at least they all live a little close to each other. As soon as they arrived, Reko greeted them at the front door and led them to the living room full of all their friends they know from school.          “Sophie!” The anonymous person shouted in joy. She knew that high but not so high-pitched voice, and who it belonged to. Before she could think she felt arms wrap around her neck and pull her into an ever so tight hug.       

   ‘Yep’ Sophie thought and turned her head to see a male smiling a childish smile at her.      

   “And how are you, Julien?” Sophie asked.

   “I’m doing good, doing better now that you’re here!” Julien tugged at her more.

 “Would’ya quit being lovey dovey for a second? For 1. you’re in a room with many people, and 2. It’s not the time cause it’s, MY PARTY!! So sit your tiny butts down and hang out with the rest of us.” Reko shouted with sarcasm and worked her emotions up to joy. 
     “We-were not together!” Sophie shouted while her face was quickly turning into different shades of red.
     ‘Besides… Even if I were to like anybody, I wouldn’t be interested because I have school to get by” She thought as she was pulled to sit down right beside Julien and Amber. As if on cue, Reko wanted to watch a movie of her choice it was a scary one since it would be funny to see most of her friends suffer, but for Sophie, she wanted an out. That was until Amber glanced at her and smiled for reassurance.

 “Ready guys?” Reko smirked as she looked at the ones who were already frightened. She then jumped into the middle of the couch between two girls named Erika and Angelica. The set up was Reko, Erika, and Angelica on the couch, Sophie, Amber, Julien, Angel, Ash and some others gathered and cuddled up on the floor altogether. While the movie was going, you could hear a few people yelping whenever there was a jump scare. Sophie got up to get some water for herself until she had the urge to use the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom and did her business, she heard a gentle and creepy voice saying, “Be careful… watch.. watch your back!..” She shivered in fear and ran all the way back to her spot in the living room. When she sat there with her legs tucked in and arms around her legs, she felt someone pull her in. She looked up, and it was non-other than Julien. He knew that she was frightened and had a wild imagination, so as always when things like this happen, he cradles her for reassurance.

 “That was a good movie.” She heard Reko say as she stood up to stretch. As she looked around, some people were asleep.        

 “Huh, guess this is a sleepover. I won’t bother to waken any of the others up, so I’ll grab blankets for all of us” Reko said as she walked off. Sophie felt a tug and realized that she was still being cradled by her friend, but, she was tired to move and he was asleep, so she stayed in that position without a care in the world of who is staring or if she was falling in love or being the same old Sophie she is. 

   “Here, take two blanket for you two, I know you want to move but you can’t cause of this guy. So, night Sophie, I’ll handle the rest.” Reko said in a quiet voice. Sophie then nodded and gave her a goon night back. And within just a few minutes, Sophie dozed off into slumber.

To Be Continued

This Can’t Be Real! -Chapter One

It was another boring day for the teenage girl, Sophie. She is a Sophomore at Eastside High School and is viced captain of the volleyball team for only having one 3rd year on the team as captain. Sophie also plays the violin for an instrument, her classmates adore her playing and skills for both violin and volleyball. You could also say she has a fan club of her own, which can really get out of hand from time to time.

One afternoon, she was walking home with her friend, Amber. Amber lives right next to her and they both have been friends ever since grade school. Amber is the outgoing and energetic type, while Sophie is the more so introverted, shy, and athletic type. While they were both walking home, Amber brought up an interesting topic that caught Sophie’s attention.

“Hey Sophie, have you ever heard the rumors of the red string?” Said Sophie’s best friend.

“Yeah, everybody is talking about it at school. Why? Is it a bother?” Sophie answered back in a questionable tone.

“Ah-No. It’s just..It’s weird how they say two people are connected by just one long red string. I think it’s a fake.. But, I’m interested to see who my partner will be!”

“Oh.. I also think it’s a fake, but I don’t have the same interest you have in it like you. I’m not really the one seeking for love and to find out who my partner will be. I think it’s all just a flunk. If people find their true love, well, good for them.” Sophie said, trying to make a point to what she was saying.

“Oh…. Well, You can’t be optimistic forever Sophie!” Amber laughed trying to lighten up the mood that is heavy.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?! I could be like you and everybody else!” Sophie got embarrassed and tried to make another point.

“Weeeelll- You are kind of a party pooper sometimes, and you always have the motherly personality, you get what I’m saying?” Amber said with a smile.

“I am not!-” And before Sophie could finish her long lecture, Amber cut her off.

“Here, how about this! There is a party at Reko’s place tonight, well, because of her birthday. So, you come with me and hang out for a while, if you don’t like it, we could leave, it you do, we can stay. Alright?!”

“No.” Sophie said bluntly.

What?! Why?!?!? I bet you didn’t even take a minute to think about it!” Amber complained to the petite girl.

“You know I don’t like parties.” Sophie stated.





The argument kept ongoing on until they stopped in front of Amber’s house.

“I’ll buy you all the ramen you want~” Amber smiled slyly at Sophie.

“….You know you are in for a ride my dear Amber, Your wallet will be empty by the time the school festival comes around.” Sophie smiled a courageous smile.

“Yeah, I know! No need to rub it in, Sophie!” Amber said while starting to sulk over her wallet.

“Fine, I’ll go, but don’t expect me to like it!” Sophie said while daydreaming about ramen.

“Can I choose your outfit?!” Ambers eyes started to twinkle to where it was blinding Sophie.

“Whatever! On one condition!” Sophie glared at her best friend.

“Go on!” The stared eyed girl said.

“I don’t want to be the main attraction at Reko’s party.” Sophie said.

“Yes Ma’am!-OW!” Amber yelled while Sophie hit her head with her hand.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME MA’AM!” Sophie said, her glares piercing through Amber.

“Fine Fine!….Ma’am” Amber said it and ran inside her house with an angry Sophie tailing her…

To Be Continued

Wilted Roses, Happy Days

Warning this book contains mature content. This book includes depression, anxiety, and Suicide. And is based on real-life events. I warn you to click off if you don’t like this content, If you’re still here to read, enjoy the story.

No Ones POV.

A 13-year-old boy was sitting in the counselor’s office, crying and having a severe anxiety attack. He wasn’t in trouble or anything, he just felt like he needed someone to talk to and get help. Ms. L the counselor was on the phone calling his dad, explaining what happened and that he needs to be here now. The boy didn’t know what to do except cry, just cry. He was scared what his dad would say…Especially scared of what his mother would say when she finds out. 

Later on, his dad stepped into the small room panicking to see what the problem was. There, he saw his son staring at him, eyes becoming watery and puffy again. His son then jumped up and ran into his father’s arms, crying, wanting to be protected from the world.

“Shh, it’s ok Haru, you’ll be fine..” The boy’s father said rubbing small circles into his back trying to calm the crying boy.

“Let’s take this conversation into a bigger room, Mr. Nelson.” Ms. L, his counselor, said.

Haru’s POV.

When we walked into the small room, one counselor pulled out a chair for me to sit in. I nod at her signaling that I was thankful for her kind gesture. As soon as we all sat down, I immediately looked down, hiding my face from what could happen next. 

“Sorry if we pulled you away from work, Mr. Nelson. But this is a big emergency that we need to focus on.” Ms. L exclaimed.

“No it’s fine, I was worried, so I came here as soon as possible.” My dad said with a worried tone.

“Well…” My counselor started…

(Time Skip)

“Thank you for coming to speak with us Haru, We hope you get better soon. We will see you next week!” Ms. L said with a smile plastered on her face.

We all say our bye’s and I headed off to home with my dad feeling happy as ever. I was smiling, thankful for the help I received, and because I can be happy instead of faking it. I’m excited for the next day…I can’t wait!