The Cafe- Part 1

  “It’s only the first day at the job..Just the first day. I’m sure things will be all right… Right?” The anxious girl said to herself as she was walking the sidewalks of Northern Japan.

     Sofie Is an average height 20-year-old female, with pale skin, brown eyes, brown hair, perfect white teeth and a beautiful smile that could light anyone’s day up. She liked to wear cute clothes like uniforms, skirts, pastel sweaters, black high-heeled boots and all the usual in the “Cutesy” category. And like cute clothes, she is really into cute things. Sometimes it might even get her distracted… Speaking of distracted.. 

     ‘Oh god! I’m going to be late for my first day on the job! And all because of that adorable cat!’ Sofie was mentally screaming to herself as she was running towards her new job. She didn’t have a car or anything yet, because of her personal issues, so she had to walk the streets. The only safe way there was, was the long way..The short way has a bunch of gang activities and all the bad things you could imagine, and she didn’t want to be anywhere near that. she lived in a rather medium sized apartment with her best friend Haru, So she lived a little away from where her job is.

     She then made it to her job on time! She worked at a popular cafe in Japan named Chisako Cafe, it gave her a decent amount of money, and caught her interest. As soon as she entered inside her new work, her manager was waiting for her at the front of the counter.

     “Glad you could make it on time! ” The manager named Emily greeted Sofie.

     “For a month I’ll be the one training you got it?” Emily said, already becoming serious in a matter of seconds.

     “Got it!” Sofie said, full of enthusiasm. And with that, Emily gave Sofie her uniform, and off to training they went!

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