This Can’t Be- Chapter 7

Sophie and her mom just got out of the house, saying their last bye’s to Amber and her mom, they started walking home since they lived 3 houses down from Amber’s house. It was an awkward walk home, but Sophie was silently happy that no conversation was started. Well… That was until her mother talked, trying to lift the awkward mood.

“Sophie… could you forgive me? I know ignoring you and not paying attention to you… really hurt you-and I will try my hardest to own up to that- but I would like to start over with you. So can you forgive me?”

 “No” Sophie said bluntly.

 “I knew you would say that.. just let me try to prove it to you. Will you let me?” Her mother said with a tone of hope in her voice.

“Why should I? You have been ignoring me up till now.. Why should I let you prove to me you changed. Give me a good enough reason to make me believe you.” Sophie snapped at her mom, recalling memories of times Sophie did something that other parents would be proud of for their children but not get any attention from her mother.

 “W-Well.. Um…” Sophie’s mom got lost in words, trying to think of something. But then Sophie cut her mumbling off and said something that no other child or teen had the guts to say to their own parents.

 “Right, you don’t know what to say. Maybe if you had hung out with me more and payed attention to me, you wouldn’t be lost in words.” Sophie said, with a hint of anger and disappointment in her voice.

“Wait!… I’m sorry.. really.. I didn’t mean to ignore you.. really..”Her mom said with a frightening look of terror on her face, as if she saw someone who got shot in front of her own eyes.

“Then why did you ignore me! You know that isn’t going to cut it!” Sophie started shouting. She then realized that they were still outside and people were still up and about. So she sped walked home with her mother tailing behind her. They both took off their shoes and headed towards the couch so they could talk.

 “Look, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet.. I thought running away from you would do something… but it did nothing except bring our relationship to a negative.” Her mother said, trying to block out her tears.

“…” Sophie was at a loss of words. And didn’t understand what she meant by “I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet.”

“Please, I just want another chance to fix this… I beg of you..” Her mother started.

 “You have a month.” Sophie said, her eyes forming tear drops.

“H-Huh?” Her mother said, the only thing that she could make out.

“You have a month to show me.. To show me you could be a better mother. But this doesn’t mean you have gained my trust yet.. You have a long way to go for my trust..” Sophie said, without a crackling voice while she was crying.

“Th-Thank you!” Her mother said. And before Sophie knew it, she felt a pair of arms wrapping around her torso, knowing that it was her mom. She didn’t like it, but she let her conscience and mother have this moment.

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