A True Story

 (This story is a true story, Warning, there is gore. Please don’t laugh of what you are about to read. Again, this is a true story, and it’s not funny at all)        

Another day on the job. The man was working on something dangerous and heavy, to where he was being cautious of what he was doing. He worked at a little small airport for a very long time. And new how to do everything at his job and did it correctly. It was very early in the morning; he was at his job when the incident happened. He was working on the heavy object until it crashed down onto his right hand’s ring finger. From how the man described it, it was very painful. But nothing painful to make him cry.. His whole top part of his finger bone tore off from the full hand bone, his nail was partially ripped off, and the bleeding- let’s just say there was a lot of blood from that tiny yet big accident. He was only at work for a few hours until it happened; he was then brought to the hospital to get checked on. And from there, he went home early, to his two children, curious of what happened. When he told his children what happened, both were cringing in disgust. But we’re both showing sympathy for their, father.

The two children took it upon themselves to take care of him and everyone inside the house, the older of them both, cleaned and cooked, trying to be positive and getting rid of her pessimistic and lowly attitude. As for the younger, he helped clean a lot more, and continued with his positive attitude. The more they worked together, the more they accomplished, but they still caused grief for each other and their father for all the arguments they caused.      

The man had to wear a finger cast for up to 4-6 weeks, and he had to go to doctor appointments for surgery on his finger every other week. It was too much money to pay just for a bunch of surgeries, but it was an accident at work, so he didn’t really have to pay. Although, he must’ve felt some sympathy for his job since they had to pay for all his surgery and appointments. As far as the two kids remember, this was the first gruesome accident they saw their father in…

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