This Can’t Be-Chapter 6

It was morning time, and both girls woke up to the smell of pancakes.They both got up and rushed to get ready for the morning, both the girls loved their pancakes that when there was an uneven number of pancakes, they would have an argument of who gets the last piece. It was until then that once they arrived downstairs into the kitchen, they both saw two plates with an even the amount of pancakes. They both sighed in relief they didn’t have to fight anymore, so they both smiled and sat at the counters and ate happily.

 It was now afternoon and both of them were in the backyard in the pool enjoying their time in the water. It was until Amber said something that made Sophie go magenta in her face.        

 “So… Do you have the hot’s for Julien? ~” She said with a weird voice and wiggled her eyebrows.

 “What No!” I answered to quickly. ‘Great, Good job Sophie’ I sarcastically said to myself.

“SO YOU DO! HAH I KNEW IT!” She shouted out, making Sophie rub her ears in pain.

 “I never said I did” I said calmly to the now smirking Amber.  

   “Well, for one…You spoke too soon, 2. You didn’t deny it. So now I know you like him, and it’s my duty to make you guys a couple” She said with a bright and proud smile on her face.

 “Yay…” I sarcastically said. 

“Well, c’mon, let’s just continue with what were doing.” Amber finally said, and I hummed in response to her answer.

They were in the pool for hours, just messing around, playing volleyball, having swim races, and just talking about random things. When they both got out, it was already 7 p.m. and they were hungry. So once they dried off and got inside, they went straight for the kitchen for the chicken nuggets. While they were heating it up, they heard Amber’s mother laugh from their living room. They went to check and found her talking to Sophie’s mom. Sophie stood there in shock but had a pain expression on her face since it was… her mom.

 “Hi mom.. why are you here so early?” I responded making everyone shocked from the tension I built up.

 “I called out of work and came back to see you… So, with that said, can you please pack up and I will explain all the details later when we get back home.” Her mother said while trying to at least smile genuinely.

 “Yes mom.” And with that I walked away with Amber following me to help me get packed. 

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