This Can’t Be-Chapter 8

As soon as they broke apart from the hug, her bother wiped her own tears away and said something.

 “Starting now, I’ll show you I could be a better mom!” And with that, she then smiled.
     Sophie then nodded and went to the kitchen to make food, her mom right behind her trying to open her mouth and say something until Sophie got all the ingredients out to make dinner.

 “L-let me make dinner!” Her mother pleaded her with hope still in her eyes.
     “Um, ok.. Can I  help?” Sophie asked.

“No, you just relax and do what you want. I’ll call you down if there is anything to help with.”

 “Oh, ok then..” And with that, Sophie walked into her room getting ready to call Amber and tell her she is ok.

 ‘Ring, Ring’ It kept going on for at least a minute until Amber picked up the phone-      “Hey, what’s up?” Amber said through the phone.

 “Oh, nothing.. My mom and I had a talk about, you know already. But she has a month to make up for her actions.” Sophie said with a little joy in her tone.
     “I’m assuming that it went well:)” Amber giggled from the other end.

 “Yeah, I’m glad I could finally see my mom being- a mom” Sophie said without thought cause she was too happy.

 With that, they talked for hours until it was time to eat dinner, Sophie couldn’t wait to try her mom’s cooking for the first time, so this was kind of making her happy and excited. She walked downstairs slowly and could smell the scent of food getting stronger. She was surprised that her mom cooked a lot once she saw what was on the table. Sophie then sat down on the opposite side of the table and waited for her mom to come and put the last plate on the table and sit down with her.

 “This smells good, thank you mom” Sophie said trying hard to show her smile and happiness.

 “Thank you, and your welcome!” Her mom smiled and was thrilled that she could see her daughter smile.

 After a while of eating, they were both stuffed and sitting there tired, Sophie felt like she would go into a food coma. Her mom was stuffed and tired. After a few minutes, they both got up from their chairs and started cleaning up the mess and putting left over food away- that will probably last them a week.- There was a lot to clean up that night, and it was getting late, but, being the clean people they are- they shrugged off their sleepiness and finished all the dirty work. 

   It was a long time after they finished, and they were both ready to go to sleep, so they both said their goodnights and went straight to their rooms for a good nights rest.

To Be Continued

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