Idea’s Come From A Dream- Part 1

  It was another day back at the office.. The new writer- James- was in his office trying to come up with a story to ‘wow’ his readers with. But he couldn’t seem to find a good topic to write about. It seemed like it took awhile for him to think about what he will write. So he went to go take a walk out around the town shops to clear his head.

 While he was out in town, he saw many interesting things that he could write about. He then thought about those interesting things into weird fantasy things. He then started running back to his office, bumping through people here and there- still apologizing, being the kind of boy he is. As he walked into the building, he was greeted by many of the workers there, to where he also greeted them back.         

As soon as he got into his office, he closed the door and sat down in his chair. Getting both a paper and pencil out and started writing all the things he could think of and turning it into a story. He thought it wouldn’t be that great of a short story, but he wanted to try it. The book was about a girl meeting her soulmate through an invisible red string, and how she almost died multiple times from weird recurring events. Although it wasn’t much of a good detailed story, he was proud he found something to write.

But, as he was nearing to the end of his short story, he suddenly got a little tired. He was struggling to stay up and finish the story.. But was even too tired to think of what else to put together anymore. His mind was all over the place.. telling himself, “No you need to stay up and finish or else you’ll suddenly forget!” at the same time he said “I need sleep and it’s only good, besides… I can’t think straight when I’m tired..” It went on like this for about a few minutes, but he suddenly fell asleep to get some rest…

  As he was sleeping, he had a weird dream that he didn’t seem to recognise familiar at first. It was a girl with black hair, her eyes were the color of emerald green, her skin, as pale as the moon, and very petite. He didn’t know what’s going on, but he felt like he knew her…As he looked around, he looked to see an entryway to a school. As he looked down at himself, he saw himself wearing a high school boys uniform. He had know clue what was going on until..

“Lily! Have you heard the rumor of the invisible red string?!” A girl was moving her hands around in excitement at the said person.

“Yeah…It sounds like a bunch of bull to me really.” The girl named Lily replied back to the energetic girl.

“Aww- come on Lily! You never believed in these types of things, your always so stoic looking and like ‘Bleh’-” She suddenly said as her friend glared at her with a violent aura surrounded her.

“Could you not right now..were at school…And people are looking at us weirdly Hailey..” The girl named Lily mumbled.

Then the girl that was named Hailey sighed and replied with, “Fine..Only because were at school, but were gonna talk about this as we walk home!”

‘Hey…That reminds me of the story I made’ He thought to himself and looked up to grab his pencil but nothing was there. ‘Creepy..Am I living..Living My Book?!’ He also thought as he went to through the school gates.

As he was walking through the halls, he noticed that he was carrying a paper..’Class Schedule?’ he looked at it and the first thing he saw on the schedule was math. ‘Even though it’s a dream..Why do I have math class first?’ He mentally whined to himself. As he got to the class, he saw the same black haired girl who walked past him to inside.

He sat down at an empty seat, and waited for class to begin… After 5 minutes or so, a teacher came walking in saying “Shhh” to the people who were still talking as his presence was slowly becoming known.

“We have a new student, He goes by the name of…”-

To Be Continued

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