This Can’t Be-Chapter 11

 As Sophie fell asleep, she could hear soft whispers from reality. It sounded familiar, but she was too tired to think of who’s voice it might be. Even though she was tired to do anything, she feared what it was saying to her. It kept saying things like- “I will get you one day~” “Your soul will be mine soon, ~” “Sophie.. I’m coming for you…” 

 It was until then that this mysterious voice choked her. She got scared and couldn’t move ‘Sleep paralysis!?’ she thought. She started breathing harder, only able to twitch her legs, she tried her best to kick and scream but it didn’t work, she then felt light slaps on her face and cries telling her to wake up. She couldn’t wake up, she couldn’t move, she just lay their struggling, and had to await her death. That was until she felt a shot of pain in her chest- she jolted up, wide awake and gasping for air.
     “Good your awake!” She heard someone beside her sighing in relief. She then looked to the side and saw Amber.

 “Wh-what do you mean?” Sophie said, still frightened of what happened.

“You were twitching and breathing hard in your sleep, enough to wake me up. Your mom’s still asleep- she headed into her room earlier. And I didn’t want to wake her up, so I had to handle things myself… And when you couldn’t wake up, I elbowed you in the stomach.” She said rushing her words and had an apologetic face on.

“Oh, it’s fine, I mean.. You woke me up, and that was a succession, right?” Sophie looked at the girl with a worried smile.

“I-I mean, I guess..” I’m still sorry because I elbowed you, it must’ve hurt..” She said, still with a worried expression

“Don’t worry, it was needed to save me, and you did. So get over it and be happy that ‘I’m awake and not suffering.” Sophie said with a smile.

With that, both girls stayed up all night, until they fell back asleep. It was good nothing else bad happened to Sophie that night, but she was scared for the next night to arrive.    

 It turned morning, and both girls smelled food from the kitchen. They were wide awake and went get themselves ready for the day. As soon as they came got finish, they came down and sat on the stools, waiting for their breakfast to be served. As they were waiting to be served they were talking about random things, and mostly school. Sometimes Sophie’s mother would join in on the conversation, but then go back to cooking. As soon as Sophie’s mom got done making breakfast, she handed out plates and served them. They were all eating their food until Sophie saw something at the corner of her eye. She looked, no one was there, but when she looked back…

To Be Continued

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